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Is it wrong that I’m rooting for The Lizard?

It is my opinion that LEGO has a difficult time making Spider-Man sets exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spider-Man. He has all of the weirdest and coolest villains ever. But their current Spider-Man lineup, even their massive Daily Bugle set didn’t stir much interest for me. However, if this creation by hachiroku92 were a set, I’d plunk down top dollar for it. I don’t know, there’s just something about it. I love the toxic sludge, the fact that it takes place in a sewer scores points with me and it is a nice cozy diorama that would look good on any shelf. But the star of the show would have to be this builder’s interpretation of The Lizard. Wow! Just…wow! I’m seeing a Jurassic Park Dino head, the lab coat is amazing and those claws are the stuff of nightmares.

When the world is going to pieces, build your own doomsday bunker

Do you sometimes feel like the world is going to pieces? Like we’re building to the apocalypse that will be the downfall of civilization as we know it? If so, maybe you should try building your own desert bunker, just like the guy in this LEGO creation by hachiroku92. This cross-sectional vignette lets us get a good look at how this prepper will ride out the collapse beneath the desert sands. And as far as doomsday bunkers go, it’s pretty nice. There’s a sturdy reinforced access point, plenty of provisions, and even a nice sitting area. I’m less clear on what the voids above the bunker are, though, but maybe I’m not up on my doomsday prep.

And I wasn’t actually kidding about building your own doomsday bunker. While it’s not quite a parts list and instructions, Hachiroku92 has made a build video if you want to follow along at home.

Where’s Herbie these days?

It’s been a long time since everyone’s favorite love-bug hit the big screen. From 1968 to 2005, millions of hearts were warmed by the sentient VW Beetle’s escapades. But somehow, with as awesome as he is, he still winds up broken down and abandoned from time to time. (Lame humans!) But who knows where he is these days? According to Hachiroku92, he’s in a barnyard someplace, needing a little love. This sad but adorable LEGO version of Herbie makes great use of the small quarter-round curved slopes for that iconic body shape, and adds frying pans for headlights. That windmill is excellent too!

Stick around and you’ll find more Volkswagen builds and news in our archives! How do you feel about the new LEGO Volkswagen T2 Camper Van? Tell us what you think in the comments?

A fresh take on a retro Star Wars set

While LEGO releases newer versions of Star Wars sets — usually popular vehicles such as X-Wings and Tie Fighters and occasionally revamps of notable settings such as Palpatine’s Thrown room — one set that we haven’t gotten a remake of is the Bounty Hunter Pursuit, the original set dating from 2002 coinciding with the release of the film Attack Of The Clones. Hachiroku92 gives us a glimpse into what this LEGO set could look like modernized.

Hachiroku’s speeder builds could work great in the microfighters line of sets with their utilization of smaller pieces and simple but effective appearance. The models pictured are mostly comprised of slopes, tiles, and bricks in the speeders’ signature yellows, oranges, and lime green colors – a rare color-scheme in the LEGO Star Wars universe. Of course a few trans-clear elements are used for lights and windshields to complete the vehicular look.

A couple modernized flesh toned figures for Obi-Wan and Anakin are included in one of Hachiroku’s speeder models. It would definitely be great to see these speeders make their way back into modern LEGO Star Wars canon, and of course a new Zam Wesell minifigure would be embraced by many fans I am sure.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

There are plenty of neat Batman LEGO dioramas to go around. For some reason, there’s a bit less love for Marvel’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. But Instagram user Hachiroku92 changes all that with this decidedly amazing diorama featuring Spider-Man and Sandman duking it out the only way blockbuster heroes and villains can; with lots of collateral damage. Let’s just say the company insurance paperwork for that cement mixer is going to be a sticky pickle. The scene comes to life with convoluted action and stunning photography. Sandman’s amorphous form and giant hand is nothing short of dreamy. Maybe you can construct your own Spider-Man diorama using the parts from the new Spider-Man sets. And before you comment that the old-fogey title was a missed opportunity to cite a more contemporary Metallica tune, I already had Enter Sandman stuck in my head for like a week and now it’s stuck in yours. So…you’re welcome, I guess.