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These are the droids that I’m surely looking for

Builder DOGOD Brick Design certainly found the droids that we were all looking for. These tiny builds of the robots that we know and love so dearly are cleverly built in a slightly 2D form. The flat designs would sit quite nicely in a frame or stuck on a magnet or even on a Christmas ornament. While the building techniques may be simple-looking, DOGOD certainly brought these characters to life with instant recognition. I wonder if we might see the rest of the characters from the Star Wars movies represented in a similar style sometime in the future.


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The unappreciated droids from classic Star Wars

GNK Power Droids are better known as “Gonk” droids because of the low, honking sounds they produce while moving about. This larger build by Eric Druon gives us a close-up detail of what we usually see represented with smaller bits and fewer details.


I do appreciate how the builder took the time to even showcase the battery packs inside. The best way to understand its purpose in today’s context is the equivalent of your mobile power chargers — they’re there to provide juice whenever you need it. If there’s one thing from the future that needs to happen soon, this is it. We’re definitely going to need more of these turned into a reality as they simply wander around on-screen as in the Star Wars movies, and I’m assuming be available for you on demand. It certainly beats carrying around an additional battery pack in your pocket today.


Possibly the most hated droid in the galaxy

The newest character that’s going to go down in history very soon-ish is so predictable, and yet full of mystery and anticipation. We all know BB-8 for his very unique squeaks that brings the droid to life and give him so much character. It was recently revealed that BB-9E has a nickname on set — the new First Order droid is better known as BB-H8 (BB-“Hate”). This build by Kevin Wanner was modeled very closely to the recently released 75187 BB-8, and one can only imagine how much evil-er a droid can be in a galaxy far far away.



LEGO Star Wars 75187 BB-8 [Review]

Just like the release of the LEGO Star Wars sets from The Force Awakens in September ahead of the movie’s release in December, LEGO has released their sets from The Last Jedi several months in advance. We’ll be digging into the sets over the coming weeks, starting today with 75187 BB-8.

75187 BB-8

LEGO BB-8 includes 1,106 pieces and retails for $99.99 in the US (with different prices elsewhere).

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Companion droid is a man’s best friend

Today we bring you not just one, but two companion droids built by GolPlaysWithLego. I like to think that a man’s best friend is WLY on the left, although the look on his owner’s face suggests he is not altogether happy with the ride. The shaping of both droids is very cool with the new curved mudguards ideal to frame the ‘face’ areas. SPD is definitely giving out arachnoid vibes with those spindly legs and seems to be the ‘protector’, being both armed and unmanned.

W.L.Y / S.P.D Droids LEGO MOC

I love WLY’s legs — ingenious use of helmets, plus a rather unusual part, namely the small armour plates from the Baze Malbus SW “constraction” figure. And did you spot the 1980’s phone speaker printed tile as the droid’s mouthpiece?

W.L.Y / S.P.D Droids LEGO MOC

Let’s celebrate Kenny Baker (1934-2016) with this LEGO R2-D2 retrospective

Kenny Baker, the diminutive actor who played R2-D2 in all Star Wars films except The Force Awakens, died peacefully in his sleep today. The 3′ 8″ actor operated Artoo from inside, sealed up “like a boiled egg.” In addition to R2-D2 Kenny Baker also played Paploo the Ewok in Return of the Jedi as well as key roles in movies like Time Bandits and The Elephant Man. To honor this actor who had such a huge impact on Star Wars, here’s a roundup of some of the best LEGO R2-D2 models we’ve featured here on The Brothers Brick over the years.

One of my favorite LEGO Artoos is this small LEGO R2-D2 by Jeffery Kong.

Artisan Bricks by Jeffrey Kong - LEGO R2-D2 - Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

Click through to see more of the best LEGO R2-D2 models

Life-size LEGO BB-8 from The Force Awakens built from 11,000 pieces

Norwegian LEGO builder Henrik Lorentzen has built a life-size LEGO model of the wonderful droid BB-8 from The Force Awakens. Though not quite as adorable as a pug dressed in a BB-8 hoodie (which I saw at the dog park today), this LEGO BB-8 has all the charm of the droid in the movie.

LEGO BB-8 head on Flickr by Henrik Lorentzen

Henrik started planning and designing his LEGO BB-8 last April, using Bruce Lowell’s sphere technique and Bram Lambrecht’s sphere generator. The finished model uses about 11,000 LEGO pieces — including a thousand white 2×4 bricks and three thousand white 1×2 plates — and weighs 10 kg (22 pounds).

LEGO BB-8 on Flickr by Henrik Lorentzen

With a LEGO event at his local theater in November and the movie coming out in December, Henrik gathered all the parts he needed in September and began building, finishing it just in time for the event on November 6.

Read more about this LEGO BB-8 after the jump!

This *is* the droid you’re looking for

In perfect sync with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Singapore today, Jeffery Kong shares his 200 part R2-D2 build. Jeffery is well known for his LEGO creations with a uniquely Singapore flavour, but this time he has captured our favourite quick-witted astromech droid in LEGO form.

Artisan Bricks by Jeffrey Kong - LEGO R2-D2 - Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

This small but perfectly formed rendition of R2-D2 has a great colour scheme, nicely curved shape and his legs move too;  a perfect desk buddy for those Star Wars fans amongst us. You will have to make the ‘beep… blippity… bleep… whirr‘ noise yourself of course!