Hi diddly ho, droidorinos!

If you plan on taking robots into war, you need a formidable assault droid. Enter the bulky, badass HUF-2 built by Marco Marozzi, complete with a massive machine gun. The mechanical detailing of the droid is impressive, and the color scheme is perfect for a robotic predator. You have your industrial grays and silvers, but you also have splashes of gold and red to warn of what’s to come…almost like a poison dart frog. There’s even an “Easter egg” for fans of The Simpsons TV show.

HUF-2 Assault Droid

Marco’s droid needs to be viewed from all angles to be truly appreciated. Flipping the HUF-2 around reveals a robust pair of legs for support, which is vital when wielding weaponry of this size. There’s also just enough greebling for that robotic feeling without overdoing it. The HUF-2 looks as sleek as it is strong.

HUF-2 Assault Droid

LEGO stickers and printed elements are also put to good use in the model. For example, the structure of the head includes a toolbox with “property of Ned Flanders” print, originally included with the Simpsons Ned Flanders CMF. With Ned’s involvement, we can only assume this droid is doing the Lord’s work with a “ding dong diddly do.”

HUF-2 Assault Droid

2 comments on “Hi diddly ho, droidorinos!

  1. Steve

    Beautiful build!
    Can anyone identify the parts used in the tri-barrel?
    I don’t recognize anything from the business end back to the 2×2 round brick…

  2. Purple Dave

    The tri-clips remind me of one of Brickarms’ parts, but the tri-clips and barrels are all a super dark shade of grey that’s noticeably just shy of being black. They also don’t seem to line up “on-grid” for System, but just fit within the circular base of a 2×2 round brick. Best guess is they come from some non-compatible toy line like Transformers, and this means of attaching them is pure coincidence.

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