TBB Weekly Brick Report: LEGO news roundup for June 23, 2024 [News]

Catch up on the week’s news and reviews from TBB and around the world.

LEGO with an ego the size of the sun!

Bask in the glory of the Solar Emissary with this LEGO build by Panuvara (@panuvara)!

Have a nice trip, see you next fall

@magmafrost13 recently dropped this wonderful Bionicle build about dropping a wonderful Bionicle build

You’ve seen this awesome dragon once upon a dream

Don’t sleep on this thrilling dragon from nobu_tary (@nobu_tary).

Behind the bricks at The LEGO Store

Dominique Boeynaems’ charming build reveals the magic and mundanity behind the Employees Only sign of a typical LEGO Store.

LEGO Star Wars 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer – “Use the play features, Luke!” [Review]

Can you save Cal Kestis from the Empire in LEGO Star Wars 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer? Or maybe it should be the other way around. Read on for our full review to find out!

Cherry Pie takes to the skies

Cowboy Joe proves to be a master of Technic with this sweet Cherry Pie plane

A troubled bridge over troubled waters from Game of Thrones

Lives hang in the balance on this LEGO bridge with GoT origins by Faëbricks (@faebricks) and Brickscaalibur (@brickscaalibur)!

The Imp and the Mother of Dragons lock eyes across stairs

Martin Studio (@martin_studio98) takes us back to a time when only one Targaryen was vying for Iron Throne with a LEGO model of Daenerys’ Meereen throne room.

Pushing the boundaries in the Bio-cup

@eerookkonen wows us with an entry into the Energy (Nuclear) round of the annual Bionicle-based building competition

A half-timbered, full-hearted fairy house

Satnis Creations (@Satnis_) cobbles together a cottagecore charmer from a cleverly configured collection of LEGO components.

Another LEGO xenomorph? Keep ’em coming!

Łukasz Alagierski creates a stunning rendition of cinema’s most terrifying alien: the iconic Xenomorph