LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee – Does this Beetle-bot beat all bots? [Review]

Is LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee an Autobot or an auto-buy? Read our TBB review to find out!

LEGO reveals new LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee set [News]

LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee rolls out just like an Autobot should on the LEGO website

LEGO Soundwave Transformer drops some heavy beats

Student Scissors (@studentscissors) shows off their sweet moves with the Transforming boombox right out of the 80’s.

Bruticus Maximus is a bunch of brawling Transformers combined!

Alex Jones (@orionpaxone) combines five brawling Transformers into one mighty brawler!

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LEGO Optimus Prime is stepping off the Ark and onto toy shelves everywhere this June, but we’ve got an early look at this iconic robot in disguise.

This triple changing Transformer is off the rails and out of this world.

It’s three times the custom model fun with this awesome Astrotrain by Alan Yap (@alanyuppie78).

LEGO Transformers get a “toon-up” with Omega Supreme

Alan Yap’s (@alanyuppie78) launched his own Project Omega with this LEGO version of Transformers: Animated Omega Supreme.

Build your own LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime [Instructions]

Roll out and grab your LEGO collection so Tiago Catarino (@tiagoreiscatarino) can show you how to build a transformable Optimus Prime.

Solo Transformer Assault Group

Sam C. (@s2toys) brings one of the most fearsome Decepticons ever to brick form with this amazing Sixshot build.

Transforming the Transformers into action figures

There are lots of different versions of Transformers toys, but true children of the 80’s will remember that some were more focused on being cartoon-accurate action figures than on changing shape. @ChungpoCheng pays tribute to these important, classic, and often overlooked versions with a quintet of robotic heroes and villains.

The terror of tiny Transformers

Screaming of terror, these tiny Transformers by Joe Perez @joeperez_lego_artist may be small, but they definitely pack a punch!

Remain calm! Chunky Transformers are here to help

These heroic first-responders by Sam.C are LEGO robots in disguise.