LEGO reveals new LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee set [News]

Coming in July, LEGO brings us a fresh release for the Transformers theme: LEGO Icons Transformers 10338 Bumblebee. It’s been two years since we got LEGO Transformers 10302 Optimus Prime, and keeping with the same scale, we now have a new protector of Earth to keep the Decepticons at bay. Maintaining the same functionality as the previous Transformers release, Bumblebee will be able to transition between bot and vehicle modes without requiring a rebuild each time. This 950-piece set will be available for US $89.99 | CAN $TBD | UK £89.99 from July 4th, with LEGO Insiders getting early access from July 1st.

LEGO Icons 10338 Transformers Bumblebee | 950 Pieces | Available July 1 for LEGO Insiders, July 4 for non-Insiders | US $89.99 | CAN $TBD | UK £89.99 

Here is LEGO’s press release on the new set:

13th June 2024: Today the LEGO Group unveils the latest addition to its much-loved LEGO TRANSFORMERS lineup: the LEGO® Icons TRANSFORMERS Bumblebee set. Released amid the beloved franchise’s 40th anniversary year, this new set is poised to captivate existing fans and invite new audiences to play out the battle between good and evil.
Maintaining the same scale as the LEGO TRANSFORMERS Optimus Prime set, originally revealed in 2022, this set presents enthusiasts with the opportunity to construct the iconic Autobot, Bumblebee, entirely from LEGO bricks. As a vital companion to LEGO Optimus Prime, Bumblebee completes the iconic duo, allowing fans to recreate epic battles and adventures. What distinguishes this model is its remarkable ability to seamlessly transition between bot mode and vehicle mode, unlocking impressive versatility without the need for disassembly.
The 950-piece set is a highly detailed model of the iconic 1980s robot action figure. It features articulated joints, an ion blaster, and a jetpack, seamlessly converting from Autobot to vehicle mode; accompanied by a display plaque, integrated LEGO Builder app for digital instructions and versatile display options, making it a perfect gift for TRANSFORMERS fans and collectors.

LEGO® Icons TRANSFORMERS Bumblebee set (10338)

  • Age: 18+
  • Price: 89.99 EUR/79.99 GBP/89.99 USD
  • Pieces: 950
  • Product No.: 10338
  • Dimensions: 9.5 inches (25 cm) High, 3 inches (8 cm) wide and 4 inches (11 cm) deep
  • Available: LEGO Insiders early access on 1st July and 4th of July for non-insiders.