LEGO Minecraft Big Figs Series 1: 21148 Steve with Parrot, 21149 Alex with Chicken, and 21150 Skeleton with Magma Cube [Review]

We’ve got our hands on LEGO Minecraft’s Big Figs, and they look an awful lot like the game characters. But how do they stack up as LEGO models? Let’s investigate!

Free-to-play “Classic Space Adventure” game – interview with programmer Johan Alexanderson [Exclusive Feature]

Did you know there’s a free-to-play LEGO Classic Space game you can play right on your browser? We talk with programmer Johan Alexanderson and find out more about how it all started and evolved.

A conversation with Swedish superbuilder LegoJalex [Interview]

We recently had the chance to sit down with Johan Alexanderson (LegoJalex) to discuss his building style and approach to the hobby. A part-time web developer, as well as a free-lance illustrator and comic book artist, Johan is 35 years old and lives in Sweden. Come with us as we explore the mind of a Continue reading →

Himeji Castle, Lighthouse of Alexandria, and other Wonders in LEGO

LEGO Certified Professional Ryan McNaught and his team recently created several Wonders of the World in LEGO, ranging from Himeji Castle in Japan to the Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt. Ryan and his team member Troy Walker built a huge minifig-scale Himeji Castle, one of the last remaining feudal fortresses in Japan. I lived in Continue reading →

Alexander the Great in the Battle of Issus, 333 B.C.E.

legopthalmos has a strong eye for historic scenes, as he demonstrates with this excellent LEGO recreation of the iconic “Alexander Mosaic” in the Naples National Archaeological Museum. In the Battle of Issus in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey), Alexander the Great personally led his Macedonian army against Darius III and his Persian army. Alexander defeated Darius, further Continue reading →

Viddy this: Alex & his three droogs

While I haven’t been able to spend a whole lot of time online the last couple months, I’ve managed to squeeze in an occasional build or two. For weeks, I’ve been feeling a bit blocked on new ideas, but finally found a combination of color (orange with dark gray accents) and shape (rather bulbous) that Continue reading →

In the Magic Shop with Alex Eylar

Alex Eylar (Profound Whatever) returns after a six-month break with this scene inspired by the Academy Award-winning movie Hugo. As always, Alex packs his LEGO scenes with atmosphere and detail. See more on MOCPages and Flickr.

Alex Eylar gives Oscar-nominated 2010 movies the LEGO treatment

It’s always wonderful to see a fellow LEGO builder get well-deserved exposure from the non-LEGO world. With the Academy Award nominees just announced, Alex Eylar‘s awesome LEGO versions of the Best Actor/Actress and Best Picture nominees are popping all over the place, from The Daily Telegraph to the front page of Yahoo!. I’m surprised to Continue reading →

Build-em-up-tear-em-down, an interview with Alex Eylar

When it comes to Lego and photo lighting, no one has a better reputation than Alex Eylar. Having emerged from his Dark Ages in 2007, Alex has made an impression on the community through his diverse and often pop culture-referencing creations that are photographed with realistic and atmospheric lighting. It is my pleasure to interview Continue reading →

Despicable Me minion by Alex Eylar

Alex Eylar (Profound Whatever) has been on a building tear lately, posting more LEGO creations than we can keep up with. One of my favorites so far is also one of the simplest — a minion from the upcoming movie Despicable Me. As much as I love the minions — and Alex’s LEGO rendition of Continue reading →

Alex micros his own Fregoli Alley

Alex Eylar (Profound Whatever) has recreated his Fregoli Alley diorama in microscale. Click the pic to check out several more microscale versions of Alex’s creations.

Down the F Market & Wharves Line with Alex Eylar

Alex “Profound Whatever“ Eylar invites us for a ride on his wonderful miniland-scale railcar.  Seeing excellent miniland creations like this makes me want to break out from minifig-scale creations and try my hand at something bigger.