Viddy this: Alex & his three droogs

While I haven’t been able to spend a whole lot of time online the last couple months, I’ve managed to squeeze in an occasional build or two.

Sthaughot Gunship (1)

For weeks, I’ve been feeling a bit blocked on new ideas, but finally found a combination of color (orange with dark gray accents) and shape (rather bulbous) that I liked, inspired by the design of the little vehicle on the right. One baseball game later, I had a nicely swooshable gunship in my hands, followed by a couple tiny drones.

Will you think me strange if I admit that I hadn’t decided whether this was a large-ish microscale ship with supporting micro-vessels or a mid-size gunship with drones by the time I was ready to upload the photo? I’m actually still not sure…

1 comment on “Viddy this: Alex & his three droogs

  1. Paul Romano

    Nice work! The craft on the right is definitely my favorite of the bunch. Ingenious article title too ;)

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