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Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in LEGO by Chris Melby

There are some structures you’d think just wouldn’t translate well into LEGO, and Superman’s frigid Fortress of Solitude, with its towering icicles seems like it’s one of those things. But then a talented individual, in this case Chris Melby, comes along and builds a jaw-dropping version in LEGO. This cathedral of ice is simply gorgeous. I particularly love that Chris laid it out in the shape of the iconic Superman diamond.

Fortress of Solitude

Fortress of Solitude

Underhill and Overhill

Alice isn’t the only SEALUG member bringing something epic to Emerald City Comicon this weekend in Seattle. David Frank (Frasland) is part of a big group of local builders collaborating on a large-scale Hobbiton. David’s section includes a field and two tiers of Hobbit holes.

LEGO Hobbiton diorama by David Frank on Flickr

I can’t wait to see this come together tomorrow! (And we’ll make sure someone takes great pictures to feature here later.)

Review: Friends 41002 Emma’s Karate Class [Plus Bonus material!]

On a whim, I picked up 41002 Emma’s Karate Class. I’m so very not disappointed. I already have a particular fondness for the Friends line to start out with, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Anyway, this is a brief review for what is a small set. Overall, I really like the parts selection. The models are pretty simple and nothing really spectacular.

I’m not sold on the model with the screen. I get that the colors are to fit the overall scheme, but it just doesn’t work for me. Again, though, the parts. That glass is printed with that design.

I’m far more fond of the stand with the sword and display items on it. The tree’s cute, too. There are plenty of extra pieces.

Beyond this set, I picked up the polybag sets Squirrel’s Tree House and Turtle’s Little Oasis as well. These are too adorable. I mean, look at them!

I’m far happier with the design of these little models. The parts are great (of course!) and the squirrel and turtle elicit squeals of glee for their cuteness.

All are currently available on both the LEGO Shop and Definitely go for the squirrel and turtle, though, since they’re marked to retire soon and make way for the next wave of pets for Heartlake City.

The heartbreaking war stories of Lemon Boy’s Awfulworld

While Tim may just be rediscovering him, Erik (Lemon_Boy) has been hard at work churning out a new series of builds in a tweepunk universe he’s calling “Awfulworld”.

The Childrens' Crusade

Adorable tank with an adorable crew? Read the backstory:

Young conscripts were ideal for tank crewing, as pubescents’ junior volumes were wholly appropriate for the cramped, unaccommodating interiors of armored fighting machines. Thus, a solution was provided to the over-crowding of orphanages in the Kings’ bomb-ravaged cities; dutiful young men and women “graduated” from the orphanage halls and were drafted into the ranks of the mechanized corps.

One such figure was Dominik Krotshad, who by the age of fourteen had become an accomplished tank ace during the Spice Wars. He was killed in action nineteen months later during the campaigns of the rogue Herzogstädte, one week before his birthday. He would have been sixteen years old.

There’s a lot of commentary built into Erik’s model and presentation, touching on LEGO fandom’s obsession with war (tanks in particular), the steampunk aesthetic, and the archetypal teen warrior prevalent in much of anime.

Erik has a lengthy write-up on twee affect about his build process, real-world inspiration, and LEGO influences. It’s less heartbreaking than his backstory, and well worth a read for those out there interested in how a LEGO builder approaches creativity.

Space Maintenance Rover

We’ve been on something of a rover kick here lately, due in large part to the enormous outpouring of top-notch vehicles built for Febrovery. But our love of rovers extends past merely blogging about them, and so I had to squeak in here at the last second and build a rover of my own. So here’s my Space Maintenance Rover, a multi-purpose utilitarian truck outfitted with a lift-arm and long-range communications dish, and of course, a Space-thingy to sit beside it.

SMR 01

Studly personality, and a big gun

This post comes two months after Erik (Lemon_boy) first posted his Boyetz and eight days after he posted a trio of them. The lateness is, however, not my fault as flickr keeps dropping people from my contact list, including Erik. This robotic beast has fantastic character, and shows that you can leave studs exposed and still come up with a plausible design.