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You gondor love this LOTR vignette.

This 16×16 vignette by Fuku Saku brings the half-sunken ruins of Osgiliath to life. The former capital city of Gondor is instantly recognizable in comparison to its big-screen counterpart. The damaged brick, open archways, and domed tower are spot-on with the production design of Peter Jackson’s epic. And bonus points to the Orc’s brick-built legs that create a “wading through the water” effect that perfectly compliments the scene.

Assault on Osgiliath

Lord of the Rings Mosaics

OneLUG is already known for incredible Lord of the Rings creations. Our readers may remember The Last March of the Ents that they did last year. These three mosaics, depicting the heraldry of Gondor, Rohan and the Uruk-hai, are exceptional.