Review: Friends 41002 Emma’s Karate Class [Plus Bonus material!]

On a whim, I picked up 41002 Emma’s Karate Class. I’m so very not disappointed. I already have a particular fondness for the Friends line to start out with, so this shouldn’t be a surprise.

Anyway, this is a brief review for what is a small set. Overall, I really like the parts selection. The models are pretty simple and nothing really spectacular.

I’m not sold on the model with the screen. I get that the colors are to fit the overall scheme, but it just doesn’t work for me. Again, though, the parts. That glass is printed with that design.

I’m far more fond of the stand with the sword and display items on it. The tree’s cute, too. There are plenty of extra pieces.

Beyond this set, I picked up the polybag sets Squirrel’s Tree House and Turtle’s Little Oasis as well. These are too adorable. I mean, look at them!

I’m far happier with the design of these little models. The parts are great (of course!) and the squirrel and turtle elicit squeals of glee for their cuteness.

All are currently available on both the LEGO Shop and Definitely go for the squirrel and turtle, though, since they’re marked to retire soon and make way for the next wave of pets for Heartlake City.