Underhill and Overhill

Alice isn’t the only SEALUG member bringing something epic to Emerald City Comicon this weekend in Seattle. David Frank (Frasland) is part of a big group of local builders collaborating on a large-scale Hobbiton. David’s section includes a field and two tiers of Hobbit holes.

LEGO Hobbiton diorama by David Frank on Flickr

I can’t wait to see this come together tomorrow! (And we’ll make sure someone takes great pictures to feature here later.)

4 comments on “Underhill and Overhill

  1. Sjaacko

    Though it is impressive, I think there are a bit too much flowers, plants and green things. Makes it very hard to spot other nice details. I suppose this looks better if one sees it for real.

  2. AK_brickster

    I think it comes down to personal preference. To me, it might be a bit “busy”, but that just means that you get to spend a few extra moments finding all of the tremendous details. :)

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