Monthly Archives: November 2008

More LEGO Gradius creations from Peter Morris

Our second and third LEGO Vic Vipers of the day come from NoVVember co-creator Peter Morris.

Here’s his SC-5 Ramius, with gorgeous dark blue and orange highlights almost reminiscent of the color scheme from Ice Planet 2002:

And a very different ZR-15A Widowmaker:

I wonder if the creators of Gradius back in 1985 ever imagined people would still be paying homage to their game more than 20 years later…

The Brick Testament updated with Book of Job

Comforting to some, deeply challenging to others, the Book of Job has long stirred discussion among believers in the Judeo-Christian religious tradition.

The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith gives Job The Brick Testament treatment with eight pictorial stories, including God speaking to Job from within a whirlwind:

God speaks to Job from the whirlwind.

Gesha Freighter

Jarek’s (Jerrec) microscal space Gesha Freighter is the latest marvel in microspace engineering. Using the tipper bed piece from set 7798, Jarek craftly simulates the hull of the freighter while creating an illusion that the model is much larger, when my inspection estimates it at around 11″ long.

With photo-editing, you can see the freighter in various industrial colors. Unfortunately it is impossible to actually make the model in any color other than green, since the tipper piece is only produced in that color.

Announcing the first-ever LEGO fan expo in Romania [News]

Following quickly on the heels of our post about how to get your LEGO event announced here on The Brothers Brick, Adrian Florea has just announced the first-ever LEGO fan event to be held in Romania.

Here are the details:

Name: Lego fan Expo -First ever AFOL event in Romania
Location: Palatul Copiilor Republicii str. nr 23. Cluj-Napoca , Romania
Time: December 3-7
Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

And here are a few words from Adrian in Romanian:

Va invitam la prima expozitie de LEGO organizata de fanii LEGO din Romania. Evenimentul va include pe langa exponatele alcatuite din colectii si creatii personale, concursuri cu premii si activitati.