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New colors from BrickForge

Recently, Brickforge has released their quality custom minifig accessories in new colors including sand green, tan, blue, and transparent blue.

Some items are exclusive to BrickForge forum members, so sign up today to purchase stuff such as the tan space marine accessories and more.

Starting December 1st, the colors green and orange will be available. Come back then to get your favorite accessories in these new colors. In fact, check back during December for releases of 11 new items!

Keep your eyes peeled for future releases of more transparent colors!

Black Friday sales for LEGO [News]

With Black Friday coming up following Thanksgiving here in the States tomorrow, it’s time to get up early and head to your local brick-n-mortar stores to buy some LEGO on heavy discount (or log on and buy online, if that’s more your thing).

Here’s some sale information from my account of news heard from around the community. The list should be pretty comprehensive, but if there’s more, please make a mention in the comments.

Target: 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer at $59.99 (40% off)

Walmart: 7094 King’s Castle Siege at $48.88 (50% off)

Toys R Us: 50% off Aquaraiders, 50% off select Bionicle, and 40% off Star Wars MTT and Mars Mission Armored Drilling Unit. See page 12 of advertisement for details.

K-Mart: buy two get one free on all LEGO sets.

LEGO Shop online: $10 off on orders over $100, $20 off $200, and $30 off $300 with free shipping on orders over $99. Remember, buying your LEGO through links on The Brothers Brick helps us pay the bills.


Treasure image by Crimson Wolf

King’s Castle – a crowning achievement

An undisputed master of castle, Rocko, presents perhaps his best work called King’s Castle, a rising structure from the waters with fortification on all four sides. Overall, the builder estimates over 10,000 pieces used to complete the creation, and I’ve not dared to ask how much time went into the whole project (not to mention the cost). Entered ito the CCCVI contest, this creation is likely to overshadow the other entries.

Hispabrick 2008 to be held December 6 and 7 in Barcelona, Spain [News]

Lluís Gibert sends word that Spanish-language LEGO fan group Hispalug will be hosting an event early next month in Barcelona.

Hispabrick is a LEGO fan event organized by HispaLUG. The event will feature LEGO creations such as dioramas, models, and Great Ball Contraptions, as well as presentations about Model Team and Hispabrick Magazine. With building contests and activities for kids, it’ll be a full weekend of LEGO bricks in Spain.

Name: Hispabrick 2008
Location: Mall L’Anec Blau in Castelldefels (Barcelona)
Dates & Times: December 6 (15:00~20:00) and 7 (11:00~20:00), 2008
Admission: Free
Contact & More Info:

Finally, a few words for our Spanish-speaking readers:

6 y 7 de Diciembre de 2008 en el Centro Comercial L’Ànec Blau de Castelldefels (Barcelona)

El Encuentro Nacional de Aficionados de LEGO(R) organizado por HispaLUG. Exposición de dioramas, creaciones singulares, GBC… Presentaciones de MODEL TEAM, Hispabrick Magazine. Concurso y actividades de montaje para niños. Un fin de semana lleno de ladrillos LEGO en España.

La entrada es gratuita para el público los dos días.