Black Friday sales for LEGO [News]

With Black Friday coming up following Thanksgiving here in the States tomorrow, it’s time to get up early and head to your local brick-n-mortar stores to buy some LEGO on heavy discount (or log on and buy online, if that’s more your thing).

Here’s some sale information from my account of news heard from around the community. The list should be pretty comprehensive, but if there’s more, please make a mention in the comments.

Target: 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer at $59.99 (40% off)

Walmart: 7094 King’s Castle Siege at $48.88 (50% off)

Toys R Us: 50% off Aquaraiders, 50% off select Bionicle, and 40% off Star Wars MTT and Mars Mission Armored Drilling Unit. See page 12 of advertisement for details.

K-Mart: buy two get one free on all LEGO sets.

LEGO Shop online: $10 off on orders over $100, $20 off $200, and $30 off $300 with free shipping on orders over $99. Remember, buying your LEGO through links on The Brothers Brick helps us pay the bills.


Treasure image by Crimson Wolf

11 comments on “Black Friday sales for LEGO [News]

  1. Brad

    I was at a Target today, that usually only stocks a few sets of a theme at a time, but this morning, they literally had about 5 columns of the Star Destroyer set, and with like 3 or 4 in each column. Funny considering I haven’t seen the set in stores in a while. Guess they were stocking up ;-)

  2. bmwlego

    I am surprised to see this info here. I searched for this info online and what I found has been on Brickset for a few days now. I’m glad that this info will help a lot of us save money so we can buy more LEGO!

    For those of you who would like to see the ads yourself check out You can search for ads by store and even view the actual print ads online.

    Don’ forget that the LEGO Stores are having a scratch off promotion where you scratch off an instant prize lotto type card that either gives you 10%, 30 or 50% off at the register. The LEGO Stores are also giving out the small Pick a Brick boxes that you can fill after the holidays for free when you buy $75 worth of LEGO at the LEGO Store. The LEGO Store info was gathered by Ncikds at Brickset.


  3. rknum

    Not sure how many states have Meijer, but they are having a “buy 2 get one free sale” on city and castle. Sale runs 5am-noon. The picture shows a coast guard set and a tower raid set but they list the average retail prices being 39.99-49.99 so not sure if the sale is for the whole lines or the specific pictured items.

  4. Xiazeran

    Man, that’s some savings! … too bad I’m only allowed $50 for the rest of my gifts…. and the local Walmart barely has anything.. to TRU!

  5. David4

    I wish more Non-Star Wars sets on sale. I’m getting the Castle for X-Mas. I would love the Aqua Raiders base, but I’m not going out on Friday, I’m not crazy.

  6. Lich Barrister

    I’ll save my wishes for Santa and Boxing Day (December 26th) here in Canada. (We don’t have “Black Friday,” since our Thanksgiving is in October.)

    Do people still try to honour the “Buy Nothing Day” movement of the late 90s? I remember a lot of talk about that in university… but I’d imagine that I’d relent on that for good Lego deals, too. I’m only human.

  7. Wolf

    I waiting in line on cold cement for 3 hours at my Local Walmart and got to the lego isle with every box fronted on the rack untouched from when it was stocked. I had never seen so much lego in that store. They didn’t have a single King’s Castle Siege available for sale anywhere in the store on Friday. Their store manager explained it wasn’t false advertising because the circular said stores had a variable number available and 0 was technically a variable. I told him he was right, that technically it was more like lying to customers. Appearantly under a mile away ToysRus had a mountain of Auquaraiders for sale at P off. I’m so pissed at Walmart right now.

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