King’s Castle – a crowning achievement

An undisputed master of castle, Rocko, presents perhaps his best work called King’s Castle, a rising structure from the waters with fortification on all four sides. Overall, the builder estimates over 10,000 pieces used to complete the creation, and I’ve not dared to ask how much time went into the whole project (not to mention the cost). Entered ito the CCCVI contest, this creation is likely to overshadow the other entries.

17 comments on “King’s Castle – a crowning achievement

  1. Rocko

    I don’t know about undisputed. I’ve got my own masters list. ;)

    The real sad thing is that I only made a couple 20 dollar orders off Bricklink to finish this. I already had the rest. Don’t be a junkie, kids! It gets you nothing but… er… fun? :P

  2. Rocko

    It’s amazing how one word can make the difference between realism and making me sound like a world champion wrestler. ;)

  3. peter edwards

    Ah so that’s where all the blue brick went from bricklink. I’m always building to the volume of bricks I have, but it’s great to see how far this hobby can go. Very nice job Rocko. Bravo!

  4. JD Luse

    Wow. I have seen many, many castles, but this one blew me away. I have a feeling you’re gonna win the contest. =)

  5. Mark Kelso

    I’ve spent the past week scouring sites like Brickshelf, flickr, and MOCpages for castle works (looking at doing some myself soon). This has got to be one of the finest of any that I’ve seen…just stunning.

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