McGlone sculpts Giger’s Li II

H. R. Giger was a brilliant sculptor with a fantastic mind whose work has inspired a generation. Bryce McGlone‘s faithful adaptation of Li II showcases Giger’s spectacular creepiness, made more haunting in all black LEGO brick. Giger’s work features spectacular detail, skulls, and women of nightmares. Bryce captures this with an exquisite sculpture of the figure’s face, complete with tendrils and greebles everywhere to capture the iconic feel of the original.

LI2 Front

Compare details between Bryce and Giger’s work: both beings stare into your soul and haunt your dreams.


12 comments on “McGlone sculpts Giger’s Li II

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  2. Peter

    Wow! I don’t think Lego has been more terrifying (in the cool way) for me. Makes me want to jump in a good ol’ R-9 and start blasting away.

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