Gesha Freighter

Jarek’s (Jerrec) microscal space Gesha Freighter is the latest marvel in microspace engineering. Using the tipper bed piece from set 7798, Jarek craftly simulates the hull of the freighter while creating an illusion that the model is much larger, when my inspection estimates it at around 11″ long.

With photo-editing, you can see the freighter in various industrial colors. Unfortunately it is impossible to actually make the model in any color other than green, since the tipper piece is only produced in that color.

5 comments on “Gesha Freighter

  1. Mark Kelso

    Beautifully clean build, and great use of those tipper parts! Love seeing the other color variations as well…not possible of course, but fun to visualize all the same.

  2. Lich Barrister

    That’s really smashing! I really wanted the tipper – and I’m glad that I got it – but I’ve been wondering how to use it for something other than construction. This is an excellent answer.

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