The Brick Testament updated with Book of Job

Comforting to some, deeply challenging to others, the Book of Job has long stirred discussion among believers in the Judeo-Christian religious tradition.

The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith gives Job The Brick Testament treatment with eight pictorial stories, including God speaking to Job from within a whirlwind:

God speaks to Job from the whirlwind.

5 comments on “The Brick Testament updated with Book of Job

  1. Xiazeran

    I saw a manga bible once, and other thanm that, not much else on intruiging artistic flair added to the testaments. LEGO was founded a christian company, after all. I doubt Ole Kirk Christiansen even imagined such as this when he created the brick. Thumb’s up to the Rev!

  2. Exxos

    I read some more of it. Is it weird that I am more disturbed that God’s hair looks like a cracked egg than by all the gore and sex?

    Also, the passage on bestiality is so funny, I am tempted to compile them into a desktop.

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