Every Evil Genius needs a mini-sub

So Christophe Bongay built one. I love the cut-away aspect of this creation.

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  1. Andrew

    ^ We didn’t feature it here on The Brothers Brick at the time, so if Christophe has posted some new shots of it (or whatever bumped it onto the Recent page on Brickshelf), it’s fair game. :-)

  2. Josh Post author

    And this is why I don’t like Brickshelf…

    For the record, I had never seen this before and, as Andrew said, we had never featured it.

    But, just so everybody knows, we don’t only feature brand-new creations. We will occasionally feature stuff that’s been out for awhile.

  3. Bruce


    This is a great MOC and I have no problem with going back and posting older things, or even reviving old forum threads when there is something new to add. Many fans are new and don’t know about some of the great MOCs that us oldtimers have known for years. I do get a little annoyed, though, by certain Brickshelf users who constantly add one new photo to a gallery so their stuff is always bumped up to the recent page. Fine to do once in a while, I guess, but this builder tends to do this constantly.


  4. Bruce

    Sorry to double post. I just wanted to add that in this case I don’t think that what Christophe was doing was simply bumping a gallery. This is his “coming soon” folder, and that orange car down at the bottom is, I believe, a new MOC. Given his history of building large creations, I expect that this car will be part of a much larger scene.

  5. Andrew

    I agree with both Josh and Bruce about Brickshelf’s limitations and some builders’ tendency to take advantage of the ambiguity inherent in the system.

    Christophe is a talented builder whose creations I’d personally like to see highlighted more frequently here, but his creations are so often on the Recent page with no clear reason why that I’ve found myself avoiding posting his stuff.

    Let that be a warning to you all! :-P

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