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Jesus Diaz finds the Yellow Castle

I’m loving Gizmodo contributor Jesus Diaz‘s coverage of his recent trip to Billund. His latest post includes a great video of his visit to LEGO’s Secret Vault, where the company stores all of the products ever released, in their original packages.

Click through to Gizmodo for the video and the full gallery.

Jesus’ coverage of his trip so far:

Brickworld 2008 photos: late Saturday to Sunday June 21-22

Here is the final installment of the Brickworld 2008 photos from me. The four days have been a blast with seeing all the great LEGO creations and meeting friends and making new ones. Here is the Saturday gallery.

Sunday brings the second public display day and the wrap up with the closing ceremony and tear down. Here’s the gallery.

It’s not over yet, and while the event has wrapped up, there’s sure to be many more pictures and discussions in the communities. You can look forward to more Brickworld related blog posts in the coming days, including reviews of new Brickforge and Brickarms items.

BrickWorld 2008 early coverage roundup

Public hours at BrickWorld 2008 are wrapping up as I type this, and I hope Nannan is taking a well-deserved break from the fantastic coverage he’s been bringing those of us who couldn’t make it to Chicago this year.

To tide everybody over until Nannan’s next post, here are some blog posts and photos I’ve found while sitting on my couch in Seattle.

A photoset from “way2curly“:

Another photoset on Flickr, from Tom Mancine:

And from around the LEGO blogosphere:

As Nannan has alluded to, we’ll have a few special items trickling out over the next week or so, in addition to the rest of Nannan’s coverage from Chicago.

Brickworld 2008 photos: Friday June 20th

It is the end of the second day at Brickworld, and here are the pictures I took during the day. Activities that took place today included presentations, finishing setup, the opening ceremony, and a trip to insanity- I mean the LEGO store.

Noteworthy observations include:
1. 10188 Death Star revealed at opening ceremony.
2. Brickarms arrived with new items, including the Needler gun from Halo, baseball bats, combat knives, and more (review to come next week).
3. The Indiana Jones line will continue next year.
4. LEGO reveals the LEGO Universe logo and character (photos to come)
5. You may get trampled during the special night sale at the LEGO store.

I’ve just read the comments left from the Thursday blog post, and I’ll try to get those requested pictures tomorrow. It’s 2:00am, goodnight everyone.