Brickworld 2008 photos: mid-day Saturday June 21st

It is Saturday at Brickworld 2008, and today is when the public come to tour the displays. Here are pictures taken in the morning through mid-afternoon, courtesy of The Brothers Brick’s fastest service to bring you the latest.

11 comments on “Brickworld 2008 photos: mid-day Saturday June 21st

  1. Josh

    Ditto on the faces with names. I really like that.

    One question, in picture 26 you show the Castle layout. Is that all of the Castle MOCs?

  2. Rocko

    No castle love at Brickworld huh?

    BTW, you a skinny dude Nannan. Maybe you need some more student loans for some food. ;)

  3. BJ

    Brickworld was amazing. The pictures capture things very well. I really enjoyed myself and my two sons (3-6 years old) where absolutely awe-struck by the displays. We crossed paths, Nannan but you where busy with your fans and I was busy with the kids. Would have been a pleasure to met. Next year.

    Those I did talk with, thank you for your time and also your patience with the questions from the little men.

  4. BJ

    The pictures capture Brickworld very well. We had a great time there and my 3-6 year old boys where awestruck by the displays. Thanks to all who had the time and patience to talk with them!

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