BrickWorld 2008 early coverage roundup

Public hours at BrickWorld 2008 are wrapping up as I type this, and I hope Nannan is taking a well-deserved break from the fantastic coverage he’s been bringing those of us who couldn’t make it to Chicago this year.

To tide everybody over until Nannan’s next post, here are some blog posts and photos I’ve found while sitting on my couch in Seattle.

A photoset from “way2curly“:

Another photoset on Flickr, from Tom Mancine:

And from around the LEGO blogosphere:

As Nannan has alluded to, we’ll have a few special items trickling out over the next week or so, in addition to the rest of Nannan’s coverage from Chicago.

3 comments on “BrickWorld 2008 early coverage roundup

  1. Garth Danielson

    Hey, thanks for all the Nice picture links etc. I wasn’t able to go and even though it’s nowhere near as good as going it’s great to see what was going on. I just love the instant gratification of the internet. You know that’s going to come back to haunt us down the road, don’t ya. And even though I couldn’t go some of my LEGO got to go via other TwinLUG members. It was nice to see pictures of it having a good time with all the other LEGO . Next year for sure, until then I have access to some nice photos. Thanks to all for those and especially Nannan.

  2. Curtis

    Ah man, will there ever be a BrickCon nearer to Kansas City? I’ve always wanted to go, but it doesn’t seem to ever come close to home. Is BrickCon always held in Seattle?

  3. someone who is much more important than you but doesn't want to put thier real name "Mclovin"

    Is that basketball life size?

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