Brickworld 2008 photos: late Saturday to Sunday June 21-22

Here is the final installment of the Brickworld 2008 photos from me. The four days have been a blast with seeing all the great LEGO creations and meeting friends and making new ones. Here is the Saturday gallery.

Sunday brings the second public display day and the wrap up with the closing ceremony and tear down. Here’s the gallery.

It’s not over yet, and while the event has wrapped up, there’s sure to be many more pictures and discussions in the communities. You can look forward to more Brickworld related blog posts in the coming days, including reviews of new Brickforge and Brickarms items.

7 comments on “Brickworld 2008 photos: late Saturday to Sunday June 21-22

  1. Von Goyle

    Nannan, I couldn’t make it to Brickworld (even though I do live 40 minutes away ) so when I saw you were posting coverage I was pretty stoked. Great pics! I really appreciate the job you did with this and I’m glad too see you scored high on the schwag score. What all did you end up taking home? How much cash do you recommend bringing to next year’s event?
    Anyway, again, thanks and great job!

  2. Ryan

    Great questions, Von Goyle! I would like to know the answers to those, too, as well as this one: What was in the registrants’ “goodie bags”? Thanks, Nannan, for all the great photos.

  3. Joe M

    Goodie bag stuff.


    Lemme see…

    (opens bag)

    1 program
    1 badge (engraved)
    1 engraved minifigure
    1 space minifig (3929)
    1 local restaurant coupon
    1 Bricklink flyer from Bricks and Mortar
    1 bag of guns and stuff from Brickarms – 6 guns of differnt types, 4 flashbangs, bipod and monopods (Very cool!)
    1 bag from BrickForge – full up HALO armor, with helmet, armor and megagun! (Very cool!)
    ME Models flyer
    Flyer from Sean Kenney
    S&H catalog

    Pretty good stuff over all, and I ended up buying some stuff from Brickarms and BrickForge.

    Oh yeah, Nannan won an award at Brickworld so don’t forget to congratulate him!

  4. Tim Courtney


    It was great meeting you and hanging a bit with the crew of mecha/space builders. Thanks for the great photo coverage, I look forward to taking the time to go through it all.


  5. Nannan Post author

    Thanks, it was a pleasure and a great time meeting people. Overall, I spent a bit over $1000 to including the entire trip. I’ll post pictures of the swag on flickr soon.

    I did win an award, it’s the Judges Award for the judges’ “favorite” that doesn’t necessarily fit into a defined awards category.

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