Pictures of upcoming Star Wars sets [News]

Eurobricks once again found first good pictures of upcoming Star Wars sets including: 7681 Seperatist Spider Droid, 7678 Droid Gunship, 7679 Republic Fighter Tank, and 7680 The-Twilight.

11 comments on “Pictures of upcoming Star Wars sets [News]

  1. Andrew

    I love that tank… but none of the others really do it for me. I hope the tank has some kind of stand with wheels or the like to make it “really” hover.

  2. obxcrew

    Interesting! These look like a good source for pieces.

    And it looks like the Clones are fleshies underneath their helmets! Is there going to be a Jango Fett head? :D

  3. wusmand

    I want that Clone officer with the red armour! I will probably get spider droid and the Fighter tank, maybye Gunship! Oh soooo many choices!!!!!!

  4. funnystuff

    I really like the tank. All of these sets are awesome, I just think that the spider droid’s body should be more spherical. When someone finds out the prices please post!

  5. prince guy

    hey! i just noticed something! isnt the tank from star wars battlefront 2? ya know, the clone tank on mygeeto?

  6. Groovybones

    I loooooove the homing spider droid (’tis so lufferly)
    commander fox is a win. Anybody know if the driod gunship comes with any figs???

    and to Rocko: I’m only 13 and my MOC of the twilight looks WAY better than that eyesore

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