Jesus Diaz finds the Yellow Castle

I’m loving Gizmodo contributor Jesus Diaz‘s coverage of his recent trip to Billund. His latest post includes a great video of his visit to LEGO’s Secret Vault, where the company stores all of the products ever released, in their original packages.

Click through to Gizmodo for the video and the full gallery.

Jesus’ coverage of his trip so far:

4 comments on “Jesus Diaz finds the Yellow Castle

  1. Mainman

    The largest Lego airplane model is in Billund? Is Ralph going to stand for that?! I expect to see a fully detailed An-225 in England shortly!

  2. Pete

    I owe still having most of my classic LEGO from my childhood to boxes like that. The made such good storage containers I always put mine away in the original boxes when I took a break and played with other toys. So when I went off to college, I packed all my LEGO away in a trunk in my parent’s attic.

    My Junior year, my parents had a catastrophic house fire and and the lego survived. The trunk was charred, the boxes burned, the plastic covers melted, but only the brick that was piled in plastic bags on top of th boxes actually melted.

    Almost none of the brick that was stored in those boxes had smoke damage, even. Shame they don’t do sets like that anymore. I wonder how much that would add to the cost?

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