Brickworld 2008 photos: Friday June 20th

It is the end of the second day at Brickworld, and here are the pictures I took during the day. Activities that took place today included presentations, finishing setup, the opening ceremony, and a trip to insanity- I mean the LEGO store.

Noteworthy observations include:
1. 10188 Death Star revealed at opening ceremony.
2. Brickarms arrived with new items, including the Needler gun from Halo, baseball bats, combat knives, and more (review to come next week).
3. The Indiana Jones line will continue next year.
4. LEGO reveals the LEGO Universe logo and character (photos to come)
5. You may get trampled during the special night sale at the LEGO store.

I’ve just read the comments left from the Thursday blog post, and I’ll try to get those requested pictures tomorrow. It’s 2:00am, goodnight everyone.

24 comments on “Brickworld 2008 photos: Friday June 20th

  1. David

    Hopefully no IJ sets based on the horrible new movie. :)

    And did anyone actually doubt IJ wouldn’t continue next year? It’s like saying “Maybe there won’t be Star Wars LEGOs next year”.

    And I want some buckets of LEGOs, my store had Jack STone pieces on the Pick-a-Brick wall. :)

  2. Dewy

    I’m thrilled that Indy will continue next year. I expected it would, but didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched. Here’s hoping for a Flying Wing in 2009!

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  4. thwaak

    I’m excited about the possibilities of Indy Jones in 2009. I’m thinking the flying wing and the tank are in store for us, among other possibilities.

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