10188 Death Star revealed at Brickworld 2008 [News]

At the opening ceremony at Brickworld on Friday July 20th, the 10188 Death Star playset was officially announced and revealed by representatives of the LEGO group. The price will be $399.99 and there are 24 minifigs. I captured a video of the model, enjoy.

28 comments on “10188 Death Star revealed at Brickworld 2008 [News]

  1. wusmand

    Ya I know I would buy if it were $250, but man, I think it is worth $400. Great video. Maybye I’ll purswade one of my parents…

  2. Hoang

    Like the kid that was talking all over the video the whole time “I am so getting 3 of these”

  3. Jai

    Amazing. We’ve never had ANYTHING like this kind of a playset from LEGO. It’s a fully-functional PLAYSET, and holy crap does it look fun to play with.

    Cue Lando’s “That thing’s operational!” clip.

  4. Dez

    “Why does the superlaser elevate? it didn’t in the movie”
    “Yes it does!”

    That kid was not only annoying, but woefully mistaken. =D

  5. Shannon

    All that effort by the Lego designers going into so many play functions, and the vast majority of these will never be played with, but stuck on some Star Wars freak’s display shelf somewhere, looked at but never touched. What a waste.

  6. Starwars4J

    I come here to kindly ask you to punch that kid out the next time you see him, and I see my work has been done for me =D

    Awesome set. Not worth the $400 price tag, but LEGO knows they have me anyway. Bastards.

  7. Brad

    …Well, I reserved the right to change my mind, and now I have. This is quite excellent.

  8. Ryan

    I liked the parts of the video when the kid was quiet.

    …Oh, and the set was cool, too. :D

  9. EthanAlshire

    This set looks fantastic.
    Can anyone confirm the kid’s name is Ethan, at about 1:32?
    Because if so, I won’t be able to get this set… I’ll pay for a name change instead.


  10. Ramone

    WOW that set is awesome! WOW that kid is too much. But I’m sure my family thinks the same of me when I talk about Legos!

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  12. Brian Davis

    I’ve uploaded a Brickshelf gallery with most of my pictures (could have sworn I had one with the minifigs closer, but of well):


    It does look like a wonderfully playable set, and I pre-ordered one that evening actually for my son (yeah… yeah, that’s it, it was for my son, uh-huh…).

    Building it was rather interesting from what I hear as well (I didn’t get the pleasure).

    Brian Davis
    Brickworld MINDSTORMS co-coordinator

  13. Chris

    When I clicked “Comment” I thought I would be the only one who noticed that kid……..But the Death Star is freaking wicked.

  14. lego freak

    oh my god shut that kid up. but he is so right i am buying 5 of these. i just got the magazine with it and i am so ordering now. but i think it should be 250 or 300 instead of 400 for a set half the size of the death star II. But still THIS SET KIKS ALL OTHER LEGO ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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