Brickworld 2008 photos: Thursday June 19th

Brickworld, an annual LEGO convention held in Chicago, is taking place from June 19-22. I am attending the event and am bringing you the most current photos. Here are selected ones from Thursday of the convention that will last until Sunday night. Please see the gallery on flickr.

Some interesting observations so far:
1. The LEGO Group has sent copies of their newest sets, including the upcoming Star Wars Clone Wars sets to be built and played with.
2. Brickforge has an impressive sales booth containing all minifig accessories and tons of new items, like the new Halo spartan armor and helmet along with many other new and never before seen minifig weapons and accessories (review to come next week)
3. I got to sneak a peak at the plans and assembly of the most deadly space station in the galaxy; many Bothans died to bring this information ;)

In order to be have these photos uploaded on the web as soon as possible, I’ve not had time to add descriptions or do any editing. Since there are still three days left of the convention, please let me know what you would like to see by leaving a comment and I’ll do my best to accomodate your needs. It is 1:50am at the time of this post, so I will be getting some sleep for tomorrow’s full day.

18 comments on “Brickworld 2008 photos: Thursday June 19th

  1. BJ

    Great, see you there. I’ll be bringing my two young sons and both my brothers. We are looking forward to the displays!

  2. Garth Danielson

    If you get a chance to snap a shot of the TwinLUG Moonbase modules when it is complete…that would be cool. Thanks for the great photos. Don’t you just love instant reporting. Yay, for the internet. garth

  3. Mark Kelso

    I would also love to see another view of Don Solo’s monstrocity, if ya get the chance. Thanks so much for taking the time to share the festivities with us…you’ve probably got a ton of other things you could be doing (like sleep!). Much appreciated!

  4. bruce

    Hey Nannan,

    I’d be happy to see good close-ups of any vig, micro or miniland MOCs. Looks like it will be a great time.


  5. Lego_James

    Anything castle / fantasy (close-ups of the skeleton etc army for example) and anything pirate, plus architecture of buildings castle and pirate – and some shots of upcoming Brickforge new products. Thank you.

  6. Andrew

    Awesome stuff, Nannan. Can’t wait for more pics. Only 40 photos so far? What a tease!

    (And oh, at LEGO cons, sleep is for losers.)

  7. wintermute

    What the other Andrew said. I think at brickcon I slept maybe a total of fourteen hours the whole trip.
    Thanks for the photos Nannan. Gotta love the internet.

  8. Ryan

    Could you post some pictures of what the shops look like? Not the LEGO Stores, but the in-hotel Buy Your Own Bricks area.

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