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Cruising to the future

In his own words, Admiral Giddens just purchased the Numitor from Bufford T Justice Fazoom. Captain Fazoom put the proton injector booster on his dad’s car prior to the sale, breaking up the classic lines. But, it does add features like 120% more time bending and less knocking on unleaded fleebjuice.

The Numitor is a 1 seater sedan that gets 1 million miles to the gallon skyway, 720,000 in the city. Comes standard with air and 8 track.”

I love the graphics edit in this photo! Makes me want to buy one as well.

When four equals six

Tim Gould's HF110C loco

Well I’m trying to be a bit better about blogging my own stuff relatively quickly. This loco is based on a die-cast model of a German HF 110C locomotive which is meant to have six wheels but since I wanted it motorised with the classic motor it only has four. If you look carefully you will notice that the boiler and rear coal tender are upside down. Hope you like it.

Clear way for a motorized tank!

Carlos Encinas creates the first motorized tank I’ve seen called the Tiger. Click on the picture to read more about the model.

Check out the video of the tank in motion!

I am impressed by the functionality of the mindstorms kit. I am coincidentally working on my own motorized tank, but it uses a basic motor. This impressive demonstration of combining robotics with system certainly inspired me to consider using mindstorms in any future endeavors at motorized things.

Via Klocki

Hippotam revealed!

As a great builder and the creator of one of my favorite LEGO blogs (Klocki Lego dla dorosłych), I can’t imagine the LEGO online community without the man we knew previously only as Hippotam.

To honor the selection of his “Armadillo” (on the left above) as the “MOC of the Month” on Portuguese LEGO fan site Fórum 0937, the site featured an interview. Now, we’re lucky enough to have an English version on Klocki.

So, nice to meet you, Marcin Danielak! :-D