Hippotam revealed!

As a great builder and the creator of one of my favorite LEGO blogs (Klocki Lego dla dorosłych), I can’t imagine the LEGO online community without the man we knew previously only as Hippotam.

To honor the selection of his “Armadillo” (on the left above) as the “MOC of the Month” on Portuguese LEGO fan site Fórum 0937, the site featured an interview. Now, we’re lucky enough to have an English version on Klocki.

So, nice to meet you, Marcin Danielak! :-D

3 comments on “Hippotam revealed!

  1. hippotam

    Yes, I know this a problem for our foreign readers. Until we fix that, please follow these steps:
    1. Click “Skomentuj” link under the post.
    2. Put your nick into ‘login’ field
    3. Hasło (password) should be left blank
    4. Put http://brothers-brick.com into URl field :-)
    5. Type your comment in “komentarz” box

    Hope that helps,


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