When four equals six

Tim Gould's HF110C loco

Well I’m trying to be a bit better about blogging my own stuff relatively quickly. This loco is based on a die-cast model of a German HF 110C locomotive which is meant to have six wheels but since I wanted it motorised with the classic motor it only has four. If you look carefully you will notice that the boiler and rear coal tender are upside down. Hope you like it.

6 comments on “When four equals six

  1. jedimasterwagner

    it seems like the train builders have yet to add in smoke/steam effects to their smokestacks and the like, strangely enough since you’d think that trains (of all things) should be shown in motion. your way is inventive and gives the loco a little personality, though one criticism is the one i have most often with LEGO trains, that it looks too toy-like. but i guess that’s what’s intended here eh? nice build.

  2. Repoort

    Your mom’s too toy like! (Had to say it). But in all seriousness, I’d have to agree; I’ve yet to see “smoke” that really blew me away. Get it? Har har.

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