11 comments on “Photo review of 7620 Indiana Jones Motorcycle Escape on BrickZone.net

  1. David

    Three Minifigs!
    Two Motorbikes!
    Two new boxes!
    Two guns!
    A black window!
    A few tan pieces!
    A pocketbook!
    Old hat in new color (bley)!
    I new style hat!

  2. David

    These new ones look taller, I’m sure you can look them up somewhere.

    And the sets seemed to have been released by mistake at a few TRUs around the country. For some reason TRU already have the sets in the back room and was told not to put them out yet, they are normally released right after Christmas.

  3. jedimasterwagner

    it’s mind-boggling to me how some folks can totally miss the point. Here we have one of the most anticipated LEGO licenses to date. yet all an AFOL can get excited about is the new crates! i don’t mean to criticize, but seriously — crates?!?

  4. VidGamer123

    I know! Like, what’s the deal with crates?

    I’m looking forward to owning a miniature Sean Connery for minifigure Celebrity Jeopardy.

    “I’ll take The Rapists for $400,000.”

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