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Podcast interview with Darkspawn

Aaron Andrews (aka Darkspawn) was just featured on a podcast interview on LAML. Check out what this master castle builder has to say about his most recent Crown Manor and his works in general. Here is his interview.

It is intentional that I tagged this blog entry in the “superhero” category :)

And if you enjoyed this interview, check out LAML’s two other very recent interviews with Josh Wedin and John Langrish.

Walking with giants

It’s been a while since Matt (aka lowlead) built, but he shows that he’s still got the skills, in fact… amazing skills! Matt’s AT-AT has been evolving for more than seven years, and the latest v4.0 shows the AT-AT in it’s fullest grandeur.

Here’s more information on this model:

“Although somewhat conventional in construction by today’s standards, this MOC represents more than seven years of evolution and has been a favorite of mine ever since version 1. When I first saw Dave Eaton and Shaun Sullivan’s Hoth diorama, I had to build a UCS style AT-AT of my own.

v4.0 better represents the actual ILM models with a re-designed head, legs and drive cams that articulate in the manner they do in EpV, a new neck, a higher center body section, and a completely re-designed drive section using some metallic wheel hubs from the Silver Champion race car.

Due to weight (it’s reeeeeely hefty) and structural issues, this remains a sculpture MOC, with no interior…for now.

The only disadvantage of fully poseable legs is the mandatory support stand. While it stands free when the legs are positioned straight, the doubled-up clicky joints just aren’t hearty enough to support its weight when the knees are bent, or the legs positioned fore or aft.”