SMF2 by Moko

Moko‘s latest mecha goes against the spiky, chunky norm of most current mecha with lots of rounded corners.

3 comments on “SMF2 by Moko

  1. Cow and a bunga, munga, dude ...whats the plan man

    I am placing a message on this because most likely no one else will, but they could, or a cat on the keyboard could type stuff I guess.

    this is a pretend cat.
    gmhe5t,tmofn28909 ,

    Andrew spends his time finding the pictures. So Yes….. I finally have something to comment about. Wonderful work!!!

    Thanks for posting this Dunechaser.

    Moko is another one of my favorite builders, because this builder is one of the only people that offers any challenge against my creations. It is great having a competitor.

  2. Banryu

    wow man!
    that is amazing!!!!
    problably one of the best lego mecha i’ve ever seen!

    Iwish I cuold have the instruction book so i could have one im my badroom ^^’

    Wonderful work!

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