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Vehicles of the Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

It’s official. Post-apocalyptic LEGO, or “Post-Apoc”, is the new steampunk. It’s amazing how fast these sort of things catch on. Anyway, today’s post-apoc post is a mega-batch of Mad Max-ish goodness.

First up, “Tractocalypse” by Zach Clapsadle:

Next, “Freestyle at the end of the world” by Andrew Lee:

Finally, a watercraft from Chuck Citrin:

A vig that permits itself to be read

I breezed right past this vignette by Alex Eylar until Bruce pointed out an interesting feature on VignetteBricks — the two main characters are the only ones in color:

You can read the full text of “The Man of the Crowd” by Edgar Allen Poe online. (The title is a reference to a German quote that ends the story, “es lasst sich nicht lesen”.)

News: Launched

BrickJournal editor Joe Meno has announced that the Web site for the magazine has been officially launched. Here’s what Joe has to say:

I’m happy to announce that the BrickJournal website has been launched:

Issue 8 is online and available for viewing. Issue 7 is also uploaded but is only available to web subscribers. I am uploading other issues and hope to have all archived by the end of August.

Issues will be uploaded quarterly to coincide with releases. What the website will offer is an interactive approach to reading the magazine, with links to related subjects and also web-exclusive materials, such as video. This will become an archive for the magazine and related materials as time goes on, and with the event calendar tied in, this will become something of a timeline for the community.

Subscribers will be able to access all the archived content for use. Public visitors will only be able to view the current issue and what is designated as public, such as instructions and news. With a news page, BrickJournal will be able to report faster on events and also be able to include more content, such as photos that were submitted, but not used in the magazine, for future issues. For a limited time a subscription to the webpage will be $20/year.

Future plans for the website include establishing an image bank for BrickJournal photography (thank you Didier), a page for sellers, and a couple of other surprises! Plans are also underway for a print version of the magazine!

Many thanks to Joel Bush, Brian Flannery, and Brian Sykora of Near-Time, the webservice I am working with on this ongoing project.

Comments and feedback are welcome!

Head on over to the site and check it out! I’ll be sure to pass on any comments you have to Joe if you leave any on this post.

Tohu by Kopakashau

Kopakashau presents a creation called “Tohu”.

I’ll let mastergongfu do the talking on this one: “Not much Bionicle gets blogged, nor does it genrally deserve to get blogged, but this one I found on Brickshelf is superb.”

Hmmm… An interesting point. If you want to see more Bionicle here on The Brothers Brick, help me keep an eye out for great stuff and start sending me stuff to blog. Good photography also helps. Seriously.