Tohu by Kopakashau

Kopakashau presents a creation called “Tohu”.

I’ll let mastergongfu do the talking on this one: “Not much Bionicle gets blogged, nor does it genrally deserve to get blogged, but this one I found on Brickshelf is superb.”

Hmmm… An interesting point. If you want to see more Bionicle here on The Brothers Brick, help me keep an eye out for great stuff and start sending me stuff to blog. Good photography also helps. Seriously.

8 comments on “Tohu by Kopakashau

  1. Dover

    a really “good” bionicle creation almost always incorporates just as much lego in it as bionicle.

  2. Lenyu

    Take notice of that new hand design – an interesting use of parts and it gives the thumbs better mobility – very NICE!!

  3. Craig

    I’m pretty sure that it’s for the “Build Tohu” contest on Like said before, he is the mascot of the website.

  4. alex

    @ Dover:Then your statement is wrong seeing the BZP contests allways have a “75% technic/bionicle and 25% system” rule.
    Bionicle creations don’t need a lot of system parts to be really “good”.

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