Bluesmobile by Mr. Zumbi

I suspect the cigarette lighter needs fixing, but it’ll do:

Always a pleasure, Mr. Zumbi. (Via pootling.)

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  1. dan Morey

    Love the model! I am the master model builder at Legoland Discovery Center in Chicago and solely in charge of Miniland Chicago. I wanted one of the first custom additions to miniland to be the bluesmobile crashing into the Daley center. after about an hour of looking for pics and modeling up a car, i stumbled across yours. I would like to know if you would be interested in selling that one or copy of that one? If you are able to sell it to me, i can garauntee it’ll find it’s home in miniland Chicago, the only in the united states! If you are not willing to sell, can ouy come up with instructions and a parts lst so that i may be able to build my own for ouw city? Is there any sort of trade you would accept as well(free tickets to Legoland)? I am very very interested, it wold make our miniland truly complete. many of the exhisting cars move around teh city on a track, i know that people would love to see the bluesmobile puttering around mini chicago. “she’s got a cop moter, cop brakes, cop shocks and it’s a model made before catallytic converters so it runs good on regular gas”

  2. Andrew Post author

    Hi Dan, welcome to The Brothers Brick!

    Adam “MisterZumbi” Grabowski is actually now a LEGO set designer in Billund. You’d probably have better luck getting in touch with him through your internal LEGO contacts.

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