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Racing around Bodville with Peter Edwards

Speaking of cool videos, Peter Edwards has some really interesting creations on his Web site, including many that are motorized in some way.

Here’s Peter’s very fast LEGO slot cars are built around AFX motors:

My favorite, though, is the video of an ingenious set of “dodgem” cars:

Be sure to check out Peter’s Web site for lots more, including higher-resolution versions of these and other great videos.

Happy Second Birthday to The Brothers Brick!

Yesterday was the second birthday of this blog, but I was too busy reading the adventures of a certain young wizard to post anything. ;-)

Let the long-winded and self-satisfied post begin! (Read last year’s anniversary post here or with original comments on the old blog.)

The big changes to this blog since last year:

Here are some possibly interesting statistics about all of you, our faithful readers:

  • Between August 2006 and July 2007, we’ve quadrupled our daily readership, from about 250 visitors a day to over 1,000.
  • Since we launched in December 2006, you’ve posted 998 comments (and we’ve blocked 11,350 spam comments).
  • Visitors have viewed from 129 countries and regions, representing all the continents except Antarctica.
  • More than 140 unique blogs have sent 310 links our way.
  • The top sites that send us readers are Google, the old blog, StumbleUpon, Kotaku,, LUGNET, and Destructoid.
  • Other than the blog’s name, our top keywords are “new 2007 LEGO castle set”, “LEGO blog”, “BrickArms LEGO creation”, and “LEGO 10190“.

Finally, taking my queue from Technorati founder David Sifry‘s “State of the Blogosphere” posts, here’s a quick summary of how things have changed in the LEGO blog world since last year:

  • 2005-2006 saw an explosion of new LEGO blogs. Most of those blogs are no longer posting regularly.
  • Nearly all LEGO blogs I was aware of in 2006 were in either English or Japanese. Today, the LEGO blogosphere hums with many other languages, including German, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • The sudden demise and unexpected resurrection of Brickshelf has spawned several new LEGO picture sites, as well as mass migrations to existing sites like MOCpages, Maj, and Flickr. What effect this will have on LEGO blogs and the broader LEGO community remains to be seen.

Classic Town-scale Optimus Prime

Seach for “Optimus Prime” on just about any LEGO site and you’ll get about 1.6 million hits. Of course, most don’t actually transform, and if they do, it’s much easier to build a transforming Optimus Prime at a fairly large scale. astronut1 has created a transforming Optimus Prime in the 4-wide scale of classic Town sets:

I won’t spoil the surprise, so be sure to check out all of astronut1’s Optimus Prime photos.

(Via Biczzz.)