Rediv’s Optimus Prime

Speaking of Optimus Prime, here’s another one, by rediv:

(Via Moyblik.)

9 comments on “Rediv’s Optimus Prime

  1. Dunechaser Post author

    Clearly you’re not speechless — or you wouldn’t be leaving comments on just about every post on the site. ;-) (Not that I mind — just sayin’.)

  2. Lego Shark

    Hehe i like to look at all the stuff. its fun. Legos rock, that model rocks, and i like to show it. I’m a Lego freak. That’s all there is to it.

  3. Jason

    That is Just the best LEGO creation of Prime I have ever seen.
    Can I get your instructions?

  4. Red4

    Hey dudes! That’s mine. I built it a long time ago. You guys should check out my Flickr gallery. In particular, look for Optimus Prime Overhauled. If you like this model, you’ll love Overhauled.

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