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Operation: Mephisto Posse by Keith Goldman

Keith Goldman has always demonstrated the full capabilities of MOCpages — adding detailed descriptions that tell interesting stories to each set of photos. His latest photos tell this story: “Tri-pantheonic Alliance forces consolidate and withdraw to extraction point ‘Malcolm X’ following a predawn raid on the Central Asian Combine bunker complex near Jakarta.”

(Thanks for the tip, “Not Keith Goldman!” :-D ) Back from the brink?

A new message has graced the top of

Notice: Brickshelf will not be shutting down!
We will be offering “featured” accounts for $5/month shortly.

We have received hundreds of supportive emails in the past few days including many who said they would like to contribute financially but did not know how. This has had us rethink the practicality of charging for enhanced features.We plan to do this without reducing current functionality for free users. Thank you for your enormous show of support.

IMPORTANT: do NOT try to download the entire site, it causes major problems, slows things down for normal users and you will be permanently blocked. We will make older folders public again after we see the crawlers go away.

Saving the Past...

UPDATE (AB 7/19 PM): IMPORTANT: is apparently not going away after all. Kevin Loch has asked everyone to stop trying to download everything, so please respect his request and suspend the efforts described in this post.

As we indicated in updates to an earlier post, a coordinated effort is currently underway to “rescue” as many of the images on as possible before they become unavailable after July 31.

In a beautiful, touching sign of how a community can come together in a time of crisis, members of Classic-Castle Forums, Classic-Space Forums, FBTB Forums, and Forum 0937 are showing a remarkable amount of cooperation and cross-collaboration. In addition to saving their own galleries, members are also attempting to ensure that the best LEGO images are saved — especially those originally posted by members of the community who are no longer active or who have since passed away.

If you’d like to participate, you can check out one of the threads on these four forums:

If you know of other efforts underway, please let us know.

UPDATE (AB 7/19 AM): Eurobricks is also participating:

Mini MOC Madness!

Lowlug’s Mini MOC Madness is upon us again! The theme this year is weather, and there are already some great entries. Check out the gallery, and click “Lees meer” to see bigger pictures of each entry. A few of my faves:

(Thanks for the tip, Martin Jaspers! I’d link to your gallery like I usually do, but it won’t exist on August 1, so I’m minimizing future broken links. :( )

EDIT: Sorry about the broken images — I’ll fix them later.

棚ダウンロード ソフト一覧

おそらく日本のレゴ ファンの皆様は既にご存知ですが、 (通常「棚」)が7月31日後利用できなくなります。大変遅れてしまいましたが、このブログの日本の読者様にも一応情報を伝えておきたいと思いました。



Bob Kojima さんの英語版に挑戦してみたい方は、こちらからダウンロード。izzoさんの記事をお勧め致します。

マックをご利用の皆様は Jim DeVona さんからのターミナル(Mac OS X のみ)で走らせるコマンドライン・ユーティリテイ が使えます。