Noddy gets muddy

Noddy has improved on his earlier motorbikes (similar to Michael Jasper‘s), this time with ones that can seat a minifig:

5 comments on “Noddy gets muddy

  1. Lego Shark

    Now, I like this. The only way to improve the pic of the guy going through the water is to put a little brown water color paint on the front to make it look really cool. (by the way, this is my i think fifth straight 1st comment on a post and i’m trying to get a lot more.)

  2. JMichie

    I always have some resistance to liking models that are too fragile to actually play with, but with these the end result is so impressive I don’t care. In spite of that gas tank only being held in place by the minifig’s legs, and not being able to turn the wheels. OK, there’s still some resistance.

  3. pe668

    So cool, the only thing I don’t like about them is I don’t have enough of some of those pieces to build a few myself.

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