Castle 2007, as remixed by Steve Vargo

Steve Vargo wasn’t quite satisfied with the skeleton army faction in the new Castle theme, so he tweaked it. Just a bit. Read Steve’s backstory for this diorama on Builder’s Lounge. Very Lovecraftian, Steve. (Via VignetteBricks.)

5 comments on “Castle 2007, as remixed by Steve Vargo

  1. Dunechaser Post author

    I’m not sure what this has to do with Steve Vargo’s Castle diorama, but that certainly stinks for Surfininsf. I hope he had everything backed up on his local computer. It’s never fun to lose work like that. :(

    (In the future, let’s keep comments focused on the creation in the post. If you’d like to let The Brothers Brick know about something unrelated to a post, you can use the Contact page. We’re generally pretty good about replying.)

  2. Lego Shark

    heh… yeah. I get that u r tryin to get the mesage out about hacking, but sty on topic next time…. Just like to say the diorama rocks. The hell pit with the little wizard adds a certain touch to it. I also like the headless… bird… bat… dragon… things up there. But… what is that squid coming out of the ground in the back?

  3. Steve

    Thanks for posting this Andrew! LegoShark- thanks! Think of the flyers like mutated bats. The two horns in the front are a “beak”. The squid is a burrower, think “dhole” from Lovecraft lore.

    Sorry to hear about Surfininsf (and for going off-topic :~P)!

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