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Oh, but the tales this car could tell

Usually here on TBB, we feature beautifully built cars: shiny, in their prime. The Latvian LEGO User Group has posted this positively adorable VW Bug. Beautifully built, but clearly with tales to tell.


How cute is this?! Rust, peeling paint, and personality with a full interior. If you’re interested, you can also see what’s likely this Beetle before time took it’s toll.


May the 4th be with you, today is Star Wars Day where nerds across the planet strap on their lightsabers and celebrate the brainchild of George Lucas. In that spirit TBB is proud to present a model by LEGO Design Lead Craig Callum and posted by designer Mark Stafford (lego_nabii), that shows what happens when the good folks at Kuat Drive Yards conspire with Volkswagen.