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A fine study in Dutch country life

The Netherlands isn’t only about tulips, windmills and the narrow houses of Amsterdam’s center. For legotrooper501st, his recent trip to the Netherlands inspired this serene and peaceful diorama of a Dutch rural house. I tend to think it’s the colors and the composition that set the mood; there’s a lot in this build that makes it look almost like a painting, while it can boast a whole bunch of brilliant building solutions, like the roof, tall grass by the water and dark water itself.

Dutch Home

A terrific tower of Amsterdam

Located in Amsterdam, the A’DAM Tower is more than just a simple office block. Sitting atop of the office block is the A’DAM LOOKOUT, an observation deck featuring a restaurant and an “over the edge swing” among other attractions. Originally opened in 1971 as the headquarters of Royal Dutch Shell, the tower’s observation deck and other new features opened in 2016.

According to the builder, Flickr user Erwin te Kortschot, this LEGO model was constructed as the result of a commission by Dutch company Kawneer Netherlands. As in real life, this LEGO model places the central mass of the structure at an angle when compared to both the base and the observation deck. As any LEGO builder knows, building at angles with rectangular bricks can be a challenge. This model serves as an example of what is possible though.

ADAM tower (Polyclose 2)