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Anywhere is home when your house floats.

Inspired by the houseboats of Amsterdam, Jonas Kramm has crafted a cozy minifigure scale houseboat perfect for living a life on a canal. This watercraft comes packed with all the comforts of home, including a bed, a small kitchen, and a fully equipped bathroom. Feeling cramped inside? Just step out onto the rooftop patio and enjoy the string of party lights as you sip a cocktail on the bench built for two. Need to stock up? Pull into port and use the bicycle to hit the nearest grocer. And don’t worry, a set of solar panels on the roof will keep your home running even when you’re out at sea.

Canal Houseboat - LEGO Ideas Project

A tiny bit of Amsterdam 1627

Building a house from LEGO can provide plenty of challenges, from aesthetic to structure. Builder Aukbricks went for both in this rendered microscale model of a canal house in Amsterdam, circa 1627. The crow-stepped gable high above the tree employs a plate stacking technique that’s repeated throughout the model to achieve an intricate pattern of stacked plates. Much like Hollywood sets, this facade is a well crafted fake propped up and properly decorated to trick the eye. Nonetheless, the resulting model employs some clever set decoration to sell the image. Stacked brown stud blasters create a textured trunk ripe with connection points for the branches above.

Amsterdam 1627

The builder provided a view into the structure of the building’s front. Taking out the sides and revealing the complicated means that everything is connected, Aukbricks shows us the tricks it takes to make some art. Though this building lacks a livable interior, it would still make a lovely addition to any tiny neighborhood. Honestly, I’d like to see more microscale cities with the number of trophy figures that we have out there at the moment. Then again, with interiors like this, it might just be a little more complicated to achieve than I’d assume.

Amsterdam 1627

A corner shop to rid all builder’s block

With the closure of shops and buildings, it’s been difficult for some builders to find their architectural inspiration. However, some have found ways to avoid that awful builder’s block. Drawing from both imagination and inspiration from Google Maps’ street view of Amsterdam, Thomas van Urk (aka Utanapishtim, aka Thomassio) has created yet another marvelous city modular. As always, this corner building looks incredibly clean and packed with architectural detail. Its dark tan facade is textured with masonry bricks, with a good balance of light gray bullions in its trim. The symmetry in the building overall is also incredibly satisfying to look at, not to mention the beautiful accented dark red windows at the front.

Corner Shop

Like this builder’s style? Take a look at Thomas van Urk’s Fright Knights tribute, which I assure, you will find frighteningly amazing.

A terrific tower of Amsterdam

Located in Amsterdam, the A’DAM Tower is more than just a simple office block. Sitting atop of the office block is the A’DAM LOOKOUT, an observation deck featuring a restaurant and an “over the edge swing” among other attractions. Originally opened in 1971 as the headquarters of Royal Dutch Shell, the tower’s observation deck and other new features opened in 2016.

According to the builder, Flickr user Erwin te Kortschot, this LEGO model was constructed as the result of a commission by Dutch company Kawneer Netherlands. As in real life, this LEGO model places the central mass of the structure at an angle when compared to both the base and the observation deck. As any LEGO builder knows, building at angles with rectangular bricks can be a challenge. This model serves as an example of what is possible though.

ADAM tower (Polyclose 2)