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These Volkswagens will leave you with the BUG to GOLF

When it comes to building classic cars out of LEGO bricks, Volkswagens have remained a popular subject. While there are plenty of great LEGO Beetles and Transporters out there, it’s nice to see something from the 1980s like Brixe63’s VW Golf Cabriolet. One of the challenges in building the Golf is capturing the subtle angles of the body. Brixe63 has managed to pull it off, right down to the tilt of the windshield. The 1×1 tiles placed within clips work well as mirrors, and the silver barbs make for nice door handles.

VW Golf I Cabrio.01

The builder also made a slick-looking version of the classic VW Beetle. Here, Brixe63 proves as adept at replicating the Beetle’s curves as she is with the subtle angles of the Golf.

VW Beetle .01

She even built a fleet of Beetles, including a convertible and police car. With the top down and a lovely tan and green color scheme, the convertible is my favorite of the three.

3 VW Käfer

Anyone up for a quick round of mini golf?

Taking a break from his normal pastel art-deco-inspired buildings which look like they belong on postcards, Andrew Tate‘s most recent LEGO creation is something even more whimsical, a putt-putt golf course! There are so many fun details, like the colorful putting greens with obstacles, employees dressed like they work in a renaissance fair, and different colored golf balls for all the players. It’s also impressive how Andrew captured the look of a castle that appears real at first glance, but upon further inspection, seems like it’s probably made out of carved foam and painted wood rather than stone.

Crown Castle Adventure Golf