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Can’t splurge on 10252 Volkswagen Beetle? Here’s a smaller one!

I will admit that the announcement of the 10252 Volkswagen Beetle got me overtly excited. Car and LEGO fans alike are just waiting for it to hit stores, but there’s two big problems: It’s $100 and it’s not out yet. Fixing both of those problems is a chibi version of the set from Gerald Cacas, complete with tiny surfboard and cooler chest.

10252 Wolkswagen Beetle (Chibi) I know i wont be able to buy this set, so why not just built it? Apparently I also dont have enough parts, so the last resort is to: Chibisize it!

Need more tiny cars? Check out this mini Mini Cooper which scales down 10242 Mini Cooper MK VII even more.

New 10252 Volkswagen Beetle LEGO Creator Expert set revealed [News]

Update: Read the full review of 10252 Volkswagen Beetle here on TBB!

One of the most iconic cars of all time is returning to the brick. Today LEGO has unveiled a spiffy new version of the famous bug, 10252 Volkswagen Beetle. The Beetle comes fully outfitted for a day at the beach with a surfboard, cooler and even a beach towel. It includes license plates for the USA, UK, Germany and Australia, as well as new large curve elements for the wheel arches and loads of new parts in azure. The set will retail for $99.99 USD when it goes on sale Aug. 1, and contains 1,167 pieces. The LEGO Beetle’s larger sibling, the VW Camper Van, is one of the longer running products in LEGO’s catalog, though it will likely be retiring soon in favor of this new addition to the LEGO VW family. Read the full details about the new Beetle set after the jump.

10252 Volkswagen Beetle

Click to see more of the Volkswagen Beetle

Oh, but the tales this car could tell

Usually here on TBB, we feature beautifully built cars: shiny, in their prime. The Latvian LEGO User Group has posted this positively adorable VW Bug. Beautifully built, but clearly with tales to tell.


How cute is this?! Rust, peeling paint, and personality with a full interior. If you’re interested, you can also see what’s likely this Beetle before time took it’s toll.

Overhaulin’ Volkswagens

When Andrea Lattanzio (Norton74) posted his Volkswagen Transporter more than a week ago, I decided to pass blogging it. I liked it, but it is a modified set.


However, the Transporter was merely a prop for this fantastically detailed garage scene.

What a Drag!

Dragster, that is. This eye-popping VW Bus Dragster is a beaut. I love the color-blocking and the overall shape is awesome. The fact that it opens up to access the engine is frosting on the cake. We always expect great things from Lino (Lino M) and he has not let us down here. Rock on, Lino!

VW Dragbus


May the 4th be with you, today is Star Wars Day where nerds across the planet strap on their lightsabers and celebrate the brainchild of George Lucas. In that spirit TBB is proud to present a model by LEGO Design Lead Craig Callum and posted by designer Mark Stafford (lego_nabii), that shows what happens when the good folks at Kuat Drive Yards conspire with Volkswagen.