Overhaulin’ Volkswagens

When Andrea Lattanzio (Norton74) posted his Volkswagen Transporter more than a week ago, I decided to pass blogging it. I liked it, but it is a modified set.


However, the Transporter was merely a prop for this fantastically detailed garage scene.

3 comments on “Overhaulin’ Volkswagens

  1. Nicholas

    I was totally floored by this one! Andrea has done his/her homework and paid very close attention to detail! Let me tell my fellow “BROTHERS BRICK” readers (bloggers?) the click on the link is worth it, you will see more details and he/she has a section of trucks that are monsters! Well done! take a bow, I hear the audience applauding!

  2. Ralph Post author

    The trucks are nice, indeed, but with all due respect to Andrea, very similar to trucks by Dennis Bosman and Dennis Glaasker that we’ve regularly blogged, which is why I haven’t blogged Andrea’s before. This workshop is rather different though.

  3. Mnemonyx

    Impressive! There is so much detail – all the elements one would see in a real repair shop are there, except the grime

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