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LEGO trains have been for sale since the 1960s, and LEGO fans have been creating their own custom layouts with LEGO bricks ever since. Whether you enjoy 4.5-volt, 12-volt, 9-volt, RC, or Power Functions LEGO trains, and whether or not you have an opinion about 8-wide, 9-wide, or some other scale, you’ll find lots of gorgeous engines and rail cars right here on The Brothers Brick.

“Stop that train, I’m leavin’ today! “

The king o’ the rails, Peter Norman (swoofty) claims his latest train is “really just a green Lego Super Chief“, but I’m not buying that self-effacing rhetoric and neither should you. I wish I could ramble on about all the realistic details that make the Southern FP7 #6133 great, but the sum total of my train related knowledge wouldn’t fill a shot glass. I do know that it bears a striking resemblance to the source material.

Southern FP7 #6133

Friday Night Fights (Round 13)

Welcome back fight fans, to Sin City Nevada for another blood-drenched edition of Friday Night Fights! Tonight’s bout seeks to answer the eternal question, what happens when a harness bull takes on a yard dick? Let’s go to the tale of the tape:

Fighting out of the red corner, from the wrong side of the tracks…The Brisbane Brawler Nik J Dort (Red Five89) and his Scandia Railbus.

Scandia Railbus

And fighting out of the blue corner, from R’lyeh where he lies dead and dreaming…Karf Oohlu and his Micro monkey train.

Micro monkey train

As usual, constant reader, you are tasked with deciding the outcome of this pugilistic endeavor by way of comment. On the last edition of Friday Night Fights BeLgIuM ww2 bUiLdeR won his bout by the narrow margin of 6-5. Tune in next week for more action!

Clattering along in Ɍaillery’s Jigger-class Steam Railtank Mk. LXXIV

Going in the opposite direction, chronologically, from the last post yesterday, here’s an armored hand car by Beau Donnan (Ɍaillery).

Armored Handcar (“Jigger-Class” Steam Railtank Mk. LXXIV) (front)

Two minifigs fit inside this “railtank,” pumping the adorable little war machine forward.

Armored Handcar (“Jigger-Class” Steam Railtank Mk. LXXIV) (interior)

Though posted nearly a year ago, I also can’t pass up Beau’s wonderfully inventive windmill locomotive in the same alternate history theme.

"Cyclone" Windmill Locomotive


Once again I venture into dangerous territory staked out by Brother-Brick Tim to bring you some much needed Train-related action. pinioncorp claims this is an old model, but we won’t hold that against him, especially since he found a way to fit Power Functions inside such a small shunter. The diorama isn’t half-bad either, with just enough snowy detail to make it interesting.


See you next weekend, constant reader, unless of course Tim has other plans…

Ronald Vallenduuk’s BR 55 locomotive is a black beauty

I am a stickler for scale models and I love comparison pictures between the model and a photograph or a line drawing of the real thing. It will come as no surprise then that the beautiful BR 55 steam locomotive by Ronald Vallenduuk (Duq) caught my attention.

BR 55 with blueprint

The comparison shows that the proportions are spot on. I also had the fortune of seeing this black beauty and its many details with my own two eyes at a Lowlug meeting last weekend. Since photographing a black model is not easy, the details are a bit more difficult to see in photographs, but I can recommend looking at the flickr set. The locomotive is powered by a Power Functions L-motor carefully hidden in the firebox, with a battery box and IR receiver in the tender. The locomotive is 8 studs wide, which may be bigger than many LEGO train lovers like, but it can navigate normal LEGO train curves without any difficulty.

As an interesting side-note, the connecting rods are custom pieces made by Benn Coifman from Railbricks. The surface finish of the parts suggest that they were 3D-printed, as they are not completely smooth, but the fit is impressive.

Adding to the Constitution

It has been too long since we featured something for our Train-head friends on the big blog. Hopefully i don’t run afoul of Gambort, operating on his digital turf, but I couldn’t resist blogging this photogenic Vagon-CZRC by Valgarise The Vagon was built as a companion piece for set #79111 (Constitution Train Chase) and I think the builder did an admirable job replicating the style of the train.


Please don’t shank me Tim…last time it took like 50 stitches to close me up.

Köf II

The super cute Köf locomotive is one of the most distinctive shunters/switchers in the world. There are too many LEGO versions out there for me to link to, but this new one by Henrik Hoexbroe was pretty enough to force me to work out[1] how to use the new flickr interface for a blog post.


[1] It’s slightly more annoying to navigate, and way uglier. But all the old functionality seems to be there.

Black Five evolution

I am not sure whether any of the trains built by Andrew Harvey (technoandrew) have been featured here before, but in British LEGO fan circles he has a well-deserved reputation for building beautiful steam locomotives. His latest picture shows how he has been updating his model of a British so-called Black Five steam locomotive. These were among the last steam locomotives used on British railways. As I’m currently updating some of my own existing models, it caught my eye.

Black 5 Evolution

It is fascinating to see how the new parts and new tricks Andrew has picked up over a period of several years have lead to a constant refinement in the shape and the level of detail. As a result, the LEGO model is getting closer and closer to the scale model shown at the bottom.